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What is Practical Legal Training (PLT)?

Now that you’ve completed (or nearly completed) your law degree, you have a strong theoretical understanding of the law.

But you’re not ready to enter the workforce. Not yet.

PLT, or Practical Legal Training, equips you with the practical, day-to-day skills you will need as an entry level lawyer. You know - the court-appearing, contract-preparing, law-talking kind.

Think of your PLT as the perfect finishing school. A space to practise your skills and build your confidence as an entry-level lawyer who’s ready to soar.

After completing your PLT, you will be awarded a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP). This means you will be eligible to apply for admission as a legal practitioner in your state or territory.

What is Practical Legal Training (PLT)?

Usually after you finish your law degree, but the Early Commencement Rule means you can start once you have completed all your Priestley 11 core subjects with only 2 electives remaining on your law degree.

To start your Practical Legal Training early, you will need to seek approval from the admitting authority in the state you wish to be admitted to practise.

Instructions to start PLT early